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About US

Kaye Culture is designed to capture and celebrate the moods of the everyday professional woman. 
She conceived the idea of this brand at the tender age of twelve when she found herself enthralled engrossed in fashion brought to her from the pages of her aunt’s fashion magazines. The dream continued to burn within her into secondary school, where she continued to sketch her creations. Edi designed her own prom dress which designated her a legend. As if this wasn’t enough, she won an award for another prom dress she created. Refined in the crucible of higher education, she achieved through attaining an MBA at Chicago’s prestigious Booth, she worked in advertising, in the Banking industry and finally in the global powerhouse GE. 
Nevertheless her penchant for fashion never waned, and several years after her secondary school recognition, she continued to receive reminders of glory: a wedding gown she’d created, a stunning dress someone else had worn for an event. 
Fashion was calling her to realise her dreams for a branded clothing line. “vibrant and beautiful, strong and caring woman who enjoys all that life has to offer. She provides you with peace in your soul. She chose Kaye culture because she envisioned a brand that would celebrate lifestyle beyond what the word couture encompasses. Edi is interested in successfully exporting our culture with integrity and grace. For the professional woman, the lady entrepreneur, the original “boss ladies”; women pushing to be at the tops of their careers and to do so with flawless grace, we present to you Kaye